P99P - Fleet Patch


The Dayton Superior P99P Fleet Patch is a durable plastic patch designed to quickly cover 2-ton and 4-ton Fleet-Lift setting plug recesses. The P99P patch is fabricated from an additive-stabilized polypropylene to maintain the patch's slightly convex shape. The convex shape helps to keep a constant gripping pressure after installation. The patch is supplied in a concrete gray color with a matte finish that allows subsequent painting, if desired.
Fleet Patch Advantages:
• Special shape-holding composition.
• Fast, one-piece “push-on” installation.
• Paintable concrete gray matte finish.
• Full eight (8) inch diameter.
• Weather- and chemical-resistant.
• Self adjusting grippers.
The P99P Fleet Patch is a high-quality, one-piece plastic patch that is easy to install and maintain. It will provide a quick and economical solution to covering Fleet-Lift anchor recesses. Typical P99P Fleet Patch Installation: 1) Start the patch grippers on the top edge of the anchor. 2) Push the patch onto the anchor and flush with the concrete.

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