P99, P99N - Fleet-Lift™ Reusable Recess Plug


The Dayton Superior P99 Fleet-Lift Reusable Recess Plug is molded from an elastomeric thermal-set urethane for multiple reuse. Embedded in the recess plug is a stainless steel stud that securely captures a Fleet-Lift Anchor, providing a positive connection to the form during the placement of concrete. Attachment to the form is accomplished with a P100 Holding Rod and P101 Fleet-Lift Holding Plate. P99 Recess Plugs are resistant to heat and form release agents encountered in a precast plant.

Pricing Information/Unit Sizes

Product Code Packaging
FL051 1 TON 4"
FL200 2-3 TON 4"
FL062 4-6 TON 5-1/4"
FL121 8-12 TON 7-1/2"
Specific customer pricing may be available in Dayton Access. Minimum standard packaging sizes may apply.