P92FE and P92FEW - Fleet Forged Erection Anchor


Fleet P92FE and P92FEW Forged Erection Anchors are designed with safe working loads of 3T, 6T, and 12T. The anchor is designed with an erection head, square shaft and round 'SL style' foot. There is one length for each tonnage available.  The P92FE anchor has a notch in each side to accommodate a shear bar for shear conditions. In each anchor, there are two holes which a tension bar or rebar can be utilized for greater load capacities.  The P92FEW Forged Erection Anchor with Shear Plate eliminates the need for a shear bar.


  • Forged design creates 50% higher load capacity than stamped anchors, can result in less anchors required
  • Erection Head Design for use in edge lifting of panel, no spalling of concrete
  • Anchor is same thickness and width as stamped anchors, uses std P99 Recess parts
  • Loads match existing P91 hardware, no new hardware required
  • One length per insert tonnage, less inventory required
  • Plain or Galvanized finishes available, meets non-rusting needs