P63PL and 64PL - Swift Lift® Plus Holding Stud and Wing Nut


The Dayton Superior P63PL Swift Lift Plus Holding Stud is a 3/8" diameter, coil-threaded stud with a fixed wing nut and a free-running wing nut used with the P66PL Threaded Plate to quickly attach the P56PL Recess Plug to the formwork. The holding stud is inserted through the form and threaded into the threaded plate. Complete the anchor installation by screwing the free-running wing nut tightly against the form. The P64PL Wing Nut has 3/8" diameter coil thread and is available as a replacement nut for the P63PL Holding Stud.

Pricing Information/Unit Sizes

Product Code Packaging
120988 2, 4 & 8 TON SWL 3/8" X 6"
103410 2, 4 & 8 TON 3/8" DIA COIL
Specific customer pricing may be available in Dayton Access. Minimum standard packaging sizes may apply.