P61 and P62 - Swift Lift® Setting Plate and Countersunk Screw


The Dayton Superior P61 Swift Lift Setting Plate and P62 Countersunk Screw combination provide an easy method of placing a Swift Lift Anchor into the surface of a flat panel without obstructing the screeding process. The P61 Setting Plate is available in two sizes, a 4" unit for use with 4-ton anchors and a 5" unit for use with 8-ton anchors. The P62 Countersunk Screw is available in two sizes to match the setting plates. The-4 ton setup uses a 3/4" long, 5/16" – 18 NC thread screw and the 8-ton setup uses a 3/4" long, 7/16" – 14 NC thread screw.