F5 - Threaded Insert


The Dayton Superior F5 Threaded Inserts have National Course (NC) threads and are recommended for use under permanent loading conditions. This insert has been approved by the Board of Standards and Appeals for use in New York City under Calendar No. 447-60SM. The F5 insert is cast from ductile iron that meets ASTM A-395, Grade 60-40-18.

Pricing Information/Unit Sizes

Product Code Packaging
31300 1/2" PLAIN 13NC
31400 5/8" PLAIN 11NC
31500 3/4" PLAIN 10NC
31510 7/8" PLAIN 9NC
31301 1/2" ELECTRO GALV. 13NC
31401 5/8" ELECTRO GALV. 11NC
31501 3/4" ELECTRO GALV. 10NC
31511 7/8" ELECTRO GALV. 9NC
Specific customer pricing may be available in Dayton Access. Minimum standard packaging sizes may apply.