B12AD - D/R Euro Thread Bar

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The B12AD Euro Thread Bar is a hot-rolled high strength steel with two flat sides in the thread pattern. This bar has been used in Europe on all types of projects for years. The flat sides provide self-cleaning and allow a gripping surface for turning the bar. Euro Thread Bar is available in both 15mm (5/8") and 20mm (7/8") diameters and is standard in 19'-1" lengths. Euro Thread Bar is bendable.
Two flat sides allow gripping and turning of the bar with a wrench
Easy to install
Two flat sides provide self-cleaning during stripping
Easy to use
Coarse 2.5" threads per inch thread
Fast installation
High capacity ties allow greater spacing and fewer ties
Labor savings
Can be cut in the field without thread damage
Product Code Packaging
146350 EURO BARS 15MM X 19'-1"; SWL=21,300 LBS WELDABLE
146351 EURO BARS 20MM X 19'-1"; SWL=38,800 LBS WELDABLE
127204 15MM X 19'-1"; SWL=21,300 LBS NON-WELDABLE
127210 20MM X 19'-1"; SWL=38,800 LBS NON-WELDABLE
Specific customer pricing may be available in Dayton Access. Minimum standard packaging sizes may apply.