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Dayton Superior Forming, Shoring and Tilt-Up Broker Services

Painted props for shoring
Dayton Superior is your one-stop, worldwide source when you are looking to BUY, SELL or TRADE new and used formwork, shoring or tilt-up braces.

Below is a list of product, currently available through our brokerage services as well as a list of product we are seeking to purchase. 

For more information or to list your product please fill out this form or call (847) 391-4700 extension 23933.

Items Currently for Sale

Handset Forms

Steel-Ply Racks
Burke Handset (10K+ sqft in panels, fillers, corners, hardware)
2'x8' Mod U Form Panels with new plywood (100)
2' high Steel-Ply
9' S/P (6,000 sq. ft.)
7-5/8" and 9-5/8" Steel-Ply Fillers in 4' to 8' heights

Gang Forms and Walers

Versiform (price reduction)
3" Channel
1,300 Mini Walers
2"x2",3"x3"& 4"x4" Outside L corners for S/P, V/F & M/F

Clamp Systems

Sym-Ply Gen 2
(90) Alisply Aligner Walers & (176) Waler Hooks
Framax 15,043 sqft (located in the Southeast)
Framax (15,000+ sq. ft. located in the West)
Frami She-Bolts 7/8" (200mm outer) x 19" - 15mm inner unit
Logik60 (large quantity)
Quick Form (6,200 sqft)
Quick Form (28,000 sqft) inlcudes (200) 8'x8' panels
Rasto (13,247 sqft)
Rasto Lever Clamps (2,200) now $10.50 each for the lot
Peri She-Bolts, (Qty 999 15mm inner unit)
Peri Rundflex (2,500 sq m)

Steel Forms

Max-A-Form (50,000+ sq ft)
24" Adjustable Commercial Column Forms
Flex-Form (3,900 sqft)
Flex-Form (3,531 sq.ft.)
Harsco Soldiers and accessories
RMD Super Slim Soldiers

Beams or Joists

W8x10s in 5' to 16' lengths


Tripods and 180 Brace Frames

Shoring Systems - Modular and/or Drophead

25K Shoring (approx 900 4' wide frames, plus accessories)
HiLite Truss (10,500 lineal feet)
HiLoad Shore Frames (500) 6x4, (500) 5x4, (500) 4x4 FOB Houston
Patent Interform Truss
8K HiLoad style frame (1327) 4x4, (363) 4x5, and (2,116) 4x6
Aluma Frames
HiLoad Frames
HV/Megashore System (props, frames, beams, trolleys, etc. -- 60,000 lbs.)
Peri SkyDeck (9,000 sq.ft.)
Peri SkyDeck (1,300 sq.m.)
Peri SkyDeck (600 sq.m.)
Tabla (metric sizes)
Waco Shore X (25K) base frame swivel clamps (200)


Cantilever Brackets (100)
Layher Allround Scaffold ($1 million+)


340 each Gates Lift and Lock Brackets
Box Culvert Traveler for Steel-Ply
GBS (16"x21.5" Beam + Support) 1,444 lin.ft.
Stringer Bracket pc 49546 (328)
16" x 1.90" diameter 33 kip Screw Jack pc 36554 (1,782)
Concrete Step Wizards (2,400)
Column Mounted Deck System

Items we are looking for

Handset Forms

Steel-Ply 3',4',5',6' and 8' heights (ready to go or requiring reply)
200 each - 2'x3' and 2'x4' Universal Handset (the square hole type)

Shoring Systems

500-1500 3x Intermediate Support Heads for H20 Frames
Symons style 6.5 deep aluminum joist
H20 Beams 11' (330 cm) and longer
Harsco Gass with T225 and S150 beam and Ischebeck Titan Megashore
Ischebeck Titan Megashore
30/400 Props (1,500)
DB350s (2,000)
400 or 450 Props (2,000)

Clamp Systems



Pipe Form Aligners (500)

Broker Item List

Use the drop down to filter the lists. Click an image to view a larger verson.
Items Currently for Sale:
B12A 15mm Wing Nut (10,000) new
B12A 20mm Cast Nut/Washer (4,000) new
B12A 20mm Swivel Wing Square Plate Nut/Washer (2,800) new
Column Mounted Deck System
Concrete Step Wizards (2,400)
Dayton B8, B9 & B10 Braces
Doka Eurex 30/300 Props (400) plus racks
Eurex 20/300 Props (900)
Flex-Form (3,531 sq.ft.)
Flex-Form (3,900 sqft)
GBS (16"x21.5" Beam + Support) 1,444 lin.ft.)
Hunnebeck Props 3000 DIN 410, 500 Europlus 400 Stutze in Europe
Mega Form (19,000+ sq.ft. available)
2"x2",3"x3"& 4"x4" Outside L corners for S/P, V/F & M/F
Peri 350 Multiprops (200)
Peri SkyDeck (9000 sqft)
Quick Form (6,200 sqft)
Rasto (2,709 sqft) includes (36) 240x270 giant panels
Rasto (13,247 sqft)
Rasto Lever Clamps (2,200)
RMD Super Slim Soldiers
Scaffolding Cantilever Brackets - Qty 100
Steel Walers for H20 Wall gangs
Stringer Bracket pc 49546 (328)
Symons 7.25" deep x 5" Flange Aluminum Beam
Tabla (metric sizes)
Topec Panels (70,000 sqft) and Accessories
Versiform (35,000 sqft available @ new lower pricing)
Items We'd Like to Buy:
2x8 or 2x4 Steel-Ply in need of reply or frame only

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