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Introducing the Sleeve-Lock™ Grouted Rebar Splicing System

Dayton Superior is proud to announce the introduction of Sleeve-Lock, a mechanical rebar coupler designed to butt-splice reinforcing steel in concrete structures.  The Sleeve-Lock system is comprised of a mechanical sleeve, accessories, and S-L Grout™, a high-strength grout specifically designed by Dayton to be used in the Sleeve-Lock System.


Sleeve-Lock is Made in the USA and is available in rebar sizes #4 through #18.  When used with the S-L Grout, the system exceeds Type 2 splicing requirements.  The system incorporates a “Plug in Place” installation method that does not require threading of the rebar.  

The Sleeve-Lock system was developed on the Dayton Superior Next Connect design platform which is based on the design fundamentals of Stronger, Faster, Smarter.


Group Product Manager Sean Hirka explains that "Dayton Superior's Precast Portfolio is now complete. We provide all major product lines needed in a precast shop including Forming Systems, Form Releases, Bondbreakers, Bar Supports, Lifting Systems and now, with the addition of Sleeve-Lock, we offer superior Connecting Systems."


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