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We are currently experiencing temporary connectivity issues with some of our customer service telephone numbers. Please call 1-800-348-7351 for assistance.
There is a TV ad that goes, "We don't make the carpet, we make the carpet stronger." That's how it is with us. The dowel baskets and other load transfer devices developed by American Highway Technology and perfected with the manufacturing expertise of Dayton Superior make America's roads, airports, distribution centers and other heavy-use paving stronger. Our products can extend the usable life of pavement by decades.
If you want to talk with our knowledgeable Technical or Customer Service staff, please email or phone us. Customer Service: 800-777-6157, or Technical Service: 800-777-6157
  • Longer-lasting Pavement
  • Smoother Road Surface
  • Less Maintenance
  • Faster Construction

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